Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BAM @ E3: NYKO Spotlight

This was Best Apps Markets first year at E3 and we are finally recouping from an amazing time. This year was an amazing year for mobile and several companies came to E3 with a full arsenal to show off. Companies like GREE and WeMade showed off some amazing games and really showed that not only is mobile a huge place for casual gaming, it may very well be the savior of the gaming industry. OnLive had a great presence and is pushing the limits of cloud gaming, I can't wait to play Saints Row The Third on my Android. Even peripheral companies recognize the power of mobile gaming and a strong showing from Nyko has me considering the potential of an Android tablet being my new hardcore gaming console. We will be spotlighting several companies who really showcased the future of Mobile at E3.

Nyko is known in the gaming industry for top notch peripherals and have now have a line of products geared toward Android users. The PlayPad and PlayPad Pro are a set of controllers that can potentially make your Android tablet into a home gaming console. I used both of these devices at E3 and was very impressed how intuitive and responsive the controls were. Nyko even has an app that allows you to map your controls, so the potential to play Angry Birds with a controllers on your phone or tablet exists. Costing less than $50 dollars at launch, I look forward to some intense gameplay using these nifty little bluetooth controllers. For more information check out and see all the great products they are putting out for mobile and beyond.

  NYKO ANDROID Peripherals at E3

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