Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BAM @ E3: WeMade Spotlight

This was Best Apps Markets first year at E3 and we are finally recouping from an amazing time. This year was an amazing year for mobile and several companies came to E3 with a full arsenal to show off. Companies like GREE and WeMade showed off some amazing games and really showed that not only is mobile a huge place for casual gaming, it may very well be the savior of the gaming industry. OnLive had a great presence and is pushing the limits of cloud gaming, I can't wait to play Saints Row The Third on my Android. Even peripheral companies recognize the power of mobile gaming and a strong showing from Nyko has me considering the potential of an Android tablet being my new hardcore gaming console. We will be spotlighting several companies who really showcased the future of Mobile at E3.

E3 Spotlight: WeMade

WeMade is a Korean company established in 2000.Originally specializing in developing and publishing free-to-play PC games they have made an exciting move to the mobile world. With a solid user base of 20 million, WeMade has taken note of the growth of the mobile market and is determined to take full advantage of it. The company brought a quality lineup to their E3 booth and showed off some excellent games that will be available for both iOS and Android.
"We feel confident that we can become a global leader in mobile games," say the developers. 
If this year at E3 is any indicator, that confidence may be right on the money.

Positioned right next to the huge GREE booth, WeMade seemed like they were used to being a player at E3. The WeMade booth had some great games, cute girls, martial arts displays, and a up close view into a company making bold moves in the mobile space. WeMade is a company to watch as the future of mobile gaming grows, if you don't believe me just check out the trailers for some upcoming games they have. I am very excited for their upcoming mobile MMO and Friend Fighter, a social mobile fighting game. 

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