Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big Win Soccer is championship worthy.

With all the action of the Euro 2012 football championship in full swing, check out Big Win Soccer from Hothead Games. Hothead has made some really great sports simulation games that combine card collecting and team management.  The game is localized in French, Spanish, German, and Italian as well as English (Go Rooney!!). The game is also available in several Asian countries and just like the game of Football or Soccer if that's what you must call it, it is truly global. 

Check out this review from one of the BAM editors.

Managing a soccer team actually is fun! Unless you're really into statistics, most team management games aren't much fun. And although Big Win Soccer still doesn't give you direct control over your team, it somehow makes team management fun. Part of this is tied in with the thrill of discovery, as you'll purchase cards to grow your roster of players. Part of it is the hands-on digging into a particular player's attributes. Part of it is watching a game play itself out after you've set things up the way you want them. I know I'm not doing the game justice; you simply have to try it out for yourself. -- Keoni C.

Hothead also has a very awesome Hockey game if you prefer your goals on ice. Big Win Hockey is one of the most addicting game I have played on Android and really helped me get over the fact that the NY Rangers did not win the cup this year.
You can download both of these titles and check out a few more Hothead games from the Best Apps Market link below.
Hothead Games at BestAppsMarket 

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