Thursday, June 28, 2012

Google Should Hire Me To Do A Great Party.

Well Google I/O seems to be pretty great. New tablets, a streaming bowling ball, and some Jelly Beans.  With all the hoopla and exclusivity of the event you think they would have been able to put together a great party. They had mini-golf and beer and Paul Oakenfold. Way to stay relevant guys. You guys want to show that your cutting edge but have a DJ that is so 90's. The worst thing Paul seemed like he was checking his messages on his iDevice, the crowd seemed un-interested and the video was meh at best.
 I'm not hating because I respect what you guys are doing. I love Android and Chrome but if you want to be hip with the times learn to do it right. I have been partying for years and could really help you when it comes to throwing a party. Look at how we roll. In fact to be really hip you really should get one of the most innovative electronic musicians in the game to work with you. The reason Apple has done so well with the iPhone and iPad is because they have marketed themselves as cool. With a little help Google can be cool to. The products are innovative let the parties be as well. You should really have me involved in helping you with your party next year, I mean where is the media coverage for the event. Lets be cool friends together Google.

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  1. This is super funny, and so true! We will see if next year is any better. Hopefully, Google will learn it's lesson and AT LEAST make sure it headliner isn't playing with his iDevice while spinning at their party.

    Come on guys... you're telling me his swag bag didn't include the latest Droid offerings? Unacceptable.