Thursday, June 21, 2012

Strikefleet Omega out now for Android devices.

Out today is a brand new space strategy game called Strikefleet Omega.

Strikefleet Omega puts you in charge of commanding a fleet of spaceships out for vengeance against the alien bug terrorists that blew up Earth. The game sounds intense and although it has a very pick up and play feel to it, the game does have some some rather pull out your hair moments.

The game requires strategy as you decide what ships to use, how much resources are dedicated to mining, and how the hell am I gonna stop this swarm of alien bugs that don't give up. The graphics are simple but not boring and makes me think of classic anime shows like Star Blazers and Captain Harlock.

Designed and developed by Harebrained Schemes, the team behind Crimson:Steam Pirate as well as one of my all time favorites Shadowrun, Strikefleet Omega is a casual game for hardcore gamers. The game play is intense but can still be played while waiting for a bus or wasting time at the office.  

The gameplay does not get boring and constantly evolves. The device interaction is very fun and uses a swiping action in order to send out ships to go after alien crafts.  The continuous addition of ships, enemy types, and strategic battling techniques keep me coming back for more alien battle action. 

A funny thing I noticed in the game is that the names of several of the star systems you do battle in are homages to movies. A loved doing battle in the Ripley and the Plisskin star systems, homages to two of my favorite movie heroes.  Check out Strikefleet Omega for a really fun, free to play space strategy game. You can download it from the link below. 

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