Friday, June 22, 2012

U4iA Games are changing the gaming battlefield with Offensive Combat.

Every once in a while a game comes around and all you can say is it's about time. A game that is bigger than console vs pc or hardcore vs. casual.For years the world of browser based games have been full of  point and click games that could never be called hardcore by a fan of games like Call Of Duty or Halo. Even the games on Facebook labeled as hardcore are really just Farmville clones with tanks. U4iA Games hopes to change the way look at browser based games with their upcoming free to play FPS.

U4iA games is not a noob company trying to capitalize on the rapid growth of Facebook games, it was founded by Dusty Welch and Chris Archer. If you are not familiar with those names, they are two of the most important minds behind the success of First Person Shooters at Activision. With that kind of pedigree I expected a high level of quality from Offensive Combat. What I saw at the  media presentation did not just live up to my expectations, it gave me a glimpse into the future of gaming.

 Offensive Combat will allow up to 16 players to compete across several game types.  I had a chance to try out both team deathmatch and capture the flag in a browser based environment. To the untrained eye this game may seem like just a typical FPS, this is not the case by a long sniper shot. In fact Offensive Combat may be one of the most important games to come out in a long time.
 First of all, this game will finally bring hardcore gaming to a browser based environment. This is a big deal because there is a huge untapped market share of people who find it easy to play on facebook. A lot of these people grew up on hardcore games like Rise Of The Triad and Duke Nukem, yet hardcore gaming is hard to integrate into their lives now. This is a game for fathers with limited time, girlfriends who like games but never play consoles, and CEO's with a little too much time on their hands. I actually can see this game interfering with jobs of people, it's pretty darn addicting and easy to jump into.

 The other amazing thing about this game is that it is made in Unity 3D. Unity is one of the most amazing engines when creating for a mobile or social platform. This game shows off that Unity is a powerhouse when used right and this will be a benchmark application to showcase Unity. Currently Unreal is a household name in the console and PC world, Unity is going to show it's also a name to be reckoned with. This game will be the talk of the town in a few months and I have to say it is one of the most important FPS releases in several years.
U4iA Games may have gotten this game right and I am excited to see how it grows in both game developments and player community. U4iA has definitely tapped into what we expect from a quality FPS. In my demo of the game I had fun because of quality controls, humorous character designs, great levels, and multiple gameplay options. Keep in mind this is a free to play game and will be available to a huge portion of gamers due to it being browser based. U4iA has seen the future and has created a game that is tapped in to what the current trends are in the gaming industry. Offensive Combat is free to play and browser based. One of the most fascinating things about this game is that U4iA has a mobile strategy they want to implement for Offensive Combat.

Though not a lot of information was revealed about the mobile integration, U4iA promises it will help to create an amazing immersive social experience. They describe playing with a mobile device "as having an extra sidearm to carry into battle". For all the hoopla behind iPad integration in UBISOFT's upcoming Watch Dogs, Offensive Combat may beat them to the punch and get to utilize it for a larger audience. In the end what Offensive Combat really brings to the table is a new way for people to experience the fun of first person shooters we have taken for granted as hardcore gamers.

After seeing what U4iA Games are doing for browser based games, I can't wait to see how they will challenge the perceptions some people have about mobile gaming. U4iA Games is a company on my rader and will be on several others in the next few months. Check out the game trailer

Visit U4iA Games for more info and beta access :


  1. I like the part where your a person & you're shootings other persons. Way better then that others game weres you shoots cows and grow crack on your farm . Also, Cocks.

    Also, its about time. I'm tired of all these Mafia Wars clones..... even though I have a idea and want to make a Mafia Wars clone.

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