Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Social Olympics.

The London 2012 Olympics have been classified as the most social media driven Olympics ever. More than ever people are relying on real time tweets to get Olympic results. Now more than ever it is possible to be close to an athlete and see their path to Olympic glory. All is not sunny in tweet land however. This year several athletes have gotten flak for what were considered less than Sportsman like Tweets. Soccer star Hope Solo criticized the commentary from former Soccer Olympian Brandi Chastain. American hurdler  Lolo Jones tweeted "USA Men's Archery lost the gold medal but that's OK, we are Americans - When's da Gun shooting competition?" This got her a lot of unwanted media attention.

The worst offense was Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou being banned from London 2012 by her country's Olympic federation for what was considered a racist tweet. This kind of stuff comes with the territory and public figures like Olympic Athletes really need to understand that Social Media is a powerful force and can be use to generate publicity and generate excitement. However, in the immortal words of Peter Parker with great power comes great responsibility.

Check out these infographics to see social media's impact on the Olympic games and if you want to get in on the action get these great social media apps from Best Apps Market. The London games has its own great apps to interact socially so grab those as well if your interested in following the games.
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 Social Media Tools On BAM

London 2012 Apps On BAM 

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Year of the Mobile Olympics

This year there are so many options to stay in touch with the Olympics.  NBC has embraced this and has partnered with Adobe to continue to be the premiere source for Olympic coverage.

NBC Olympics Live Extra
The NBC Olympics Live Extra app will live stream every athletic competition for the first time ever. In all, the app will live stream more than 3,500 total programming hours, including every athletic competition, all 32 sports, the awarding of all 302 medals as well as event rewinds. NBC Olympics Live Extra will also live stream the Olympic content that airs on the four NBCU cable channels – NBC Sports Network, MSNBC, CNBC and Bravo.
In another first, NBC Olympics Live Extra will provide multiple concurrent streams for select sports, such as gymnastics (each apparatus), track and field (each event), and tennis (up to five courts). For example, during a session of track and field, instead of viewing only a single feed that moves from event to event, a user can choose to watch a stream dedicated to a specific event, such as the long jump or javelin.

The vast majority of live stream content on NBC Olympics Live Extra will only be available to verified cable or satellite customers . In order to access the live stream content, existing cable, satellite and telco customers should follow these verification procedures (note: customers must subscribe to a video tier that includes both CNBC and MSNBC): Download the NBC Olympics Live Extra app
  • Open the app
  • Tap the “Touch Here & Get Ready” callout
  • Select your cable, satellite or telco provider
  • Enter the username and password that corresponds with your account
  • You are signed in throughout the Games on that device! 

NBC Olympics
While NBC Olympics Live Extra will be the mobile and tablet home for live stream content, the NBC Olympics app will be the home for everything else Olympics, including short-form highlights, event schedules, TV and online listings, results, athlete profiles, columns and the new Primetime Companion feature.
The Primetime Companion is the ultimate complementary, second-screen experience for NBC's nightly primetime Olympic broadcast. Users can go deeper into the broadcast with trivia, polls, slideshows, videos and athlete bios all synced with what is being presented on NBC. The companion will also allow users to share the primetime experience with friends and family through a series of social tools connected through Facebook and Twitter. Synched to each device’s clock, the Primetime Companion will automatically appear when a user opens the app during NBC’s primetime broadcast.

Install the NBC Olympics App from BAM 

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Week In Review, July 21 - 27, 2012

Welcome to our Week In Review! Here we'll take a look at some of the great games and apps that embodied our theme this past week, and discuss what's to come in the week ahead.

The big story this week is, of course, the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Athletes from all across the globe gather to compete upon the world's largest stage, and we've gathered a group of apps and games to both commemorate the event and entertain you between matches.

Now, whether you're in London for the games or just watching from the comfort of home, you'll want to schedule your viewing of the events you want to see so you don't miss a thing, and get the scoop on events you might have missed. NBC has given us a couple of great apps for this: London 2012 Join In gives you a list of schedules and locations for the particular sports you want to follow, and London 2012 Results displays who's won after the event is over. And if you're feeling inspired by the athletes, you can check out the Pro series of workout apps by NorthPark to help you get into shape: Push Ups Pro, Pull Ups Pro, Squats Pro, and Sit Ups Pro. And please don't forget to drink enough water, daily, whether you're actively working out or not. Water Your Body will help to remind you to keep track of your intake and remain healthy.

If you'd rather be an armchair athlete, you can play the London 2012 Official Game, which lets you play events like the 100 Meter Freestyle, Pole Vault, and Archery, among others. It's very responsive and surprisingly engaging for a tie-in game, and has that Wii Games look that's become so popular. Summer Games 3D Lite gives you more events from which to choose, including Cycling, Rowing, Javelin, and many more. And if you're missing your soccer, check out Striker Soccer Euro 2012, a fairly robust football simulator that also capitalizes on the Wii avatar look.

What's coming up for Best Apps Market? Next week, we'll help you prepare for the Mars Rover Curiosity's August 6th landing, and to prepare yourself for the final weeks of Summer. And don't forget to install our widgets to keep up with our daily Editor's Top AppsTop Games, and Apps of the Day! Have a great weekend! -- Keoni C.

Friday, July 20, 2012

JET SET RADIO to be on mobile devices this summer.

SEGA® of America Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd. today disclosed that their much-anticipated HD remake of Jet Set Radio™ will also be available on iOS and Android devices when the world-famous graffiti game comes to consoles and PC digital download this summer.

Jet Set Radio for iOS and Android includes the same slick gameplay, genre-blending soundtrack, and pioneering art style as the other versions alongside new features like OpenFeint and Retina display support and the awesome ability to use pictures taken with your phone or tablet’s camera as in-game graffiti! Traverse Shibuya terminal on the train, silence the Love Shockers on your lunch break, blast through Benten-cho while boarding a bus and upload achievements to Facebook while riding a ferry; Jet Set Radio will be a dream come true for portable gamers everywhere!

The Week In Review, July 14 - 20, 2012

The Dark Knight
Welcome to our Week In Review! Here we'll take a look at some of the great games and apps that embodied our theme this past week, and discuss what's to come in the week ahead.

This week has seen the arrival of one of the most hotly-anticipated movies in recent memory: The Dark Knight Rises, the third in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. We're so excited to see it that we've made it this week's theme! Now, there are many many terrible games that feature Batman in them to various degrees. They're terrible because they attempt to cash in on the popularity of the Batman brand without providing any real value -- and for games that are free, that's saying a lot.

However, we've taken a different tack with this phenomenon. After all, what would Batman be without his Rogue's Gallery of bad guys? To this end, check out Villains, an online RPG in which you play as an evildoer for a change. You'll start out small and relatively low-powered, committing minor misdemeanors for cash and hiring thugs to help you work your way up to criminal mastermind. You'll also battle other villains for wealth and prestige, and these baddies are actual other players, giving the game a social angle that makes world domination a little more fun. Start growing your evil empire today!

If you can't play as Batman with your Android phone, at least there are a lot of apps that can make you feel like Batman. For example, to emulate the Caped Crusader, you'll need to work on your stealth. Apps like Vibration Meter and 3D Compass and Magnetometer enable you to sense movement and energy fields in the dark without sight, and if you want to blind a henchman for a surprise knockout, use Brightest Flashlight Free. More than anything else, however, you'll want to remain as quiet as possible, so use Shush! to keep your phone quiet for a predetermined duration of time while you sneak around. Now you're all set to take out the bad guys from the shadows!

What's on the horizon for Best Apps Market? Next week it's all about the London 2012 Summer Olympics, so be sure to check us out every day for apps and games that will let you fully immerse yourself in all the fun of international competition! And don't forget to install our widgets to keep up with our daily Editor's Top Apps, Top Games, and Apps of the Day! Have a great weekend! -- Keoni C.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Great Big War Game out today for Android

 Mobile developer Rubicon Development today announced the launch of Great Big War Game. You can get it on Android for $2.99.  It is the sequel of Great Little War Game, a game that has over 2.5 million users. Though we there are plenty of free games for Android, this one is a pretty decent value for the price.

Great Big War Game features:
  • Massive Campaign – 50 challenging single player missions start off simple and evolve into an all-out warzone
  • Online, Asynchronous Multiplayer – Battle Android players from an iOS device or take on iPad players from an Android tablet… it all “just works”
  • Skirmish and Pass ‘n Play – Compete with friends locally on a single device, or against the AI opponent on the multiplayer maps
  • Huge Variety of Units & Buildings – Grunts, tanks, snipers, flamethrowers, and bazooka infantry all mean business! Keep an eye out with scouts as team engineers capture enemy fortifications
  • 70 Multiplayer Maps – Wide variety of levels keep every game fresh, with different strategies for hilly terrain, deep jungles, remote islands and more
  • Customizable Armies – Manage in-game resources to suit any style of play; choose whether to chip away with a dozen grunts, or bet it all on a fearsome warship
  • The Softer Side of War – Appropriate for all ages with silly characters, hilarious unit sounds and an overall “plastic toy soldier” vibe to keep the mood light, even when the action gets fierce

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tom Hanks has a new App & Coming Project full of electricity.

Seems like everyone is getting into the mobile space nowadays. Recently a little known actor named Tom Hanks decided to make a push into mobile as well. I am not that familiar with the film work of Mr. Hanks but doing a Google search comes up with this picture.

Well Mr. Hanks I guess that acting thing did not do to well for you. We here at Best Apps Market welcome you to the mobile world. Hope your step in to the mobile world can bring you success.

Mr. Hanks new project is a a little thing called Electric City.  Whoa! It kinda sounds like Electricity. Well Mr. Hanks you are a witty one.

A tiny start-up named Yahoo(not to be confused with the delicious chocolate drink Yoo-Hoo) is involved in this electric project.

 "It's the first project in what we call online digital blockbusters," says Erin McPherson, vice president and head of video for Yahoo. According to McPherson,  Electric City is kinda like Lost for the digital age, aimed at 18-to-30-year-olds. Describing your app as "Lost" doesn't seem like a good start.

Check out an episode of Electric City on Yahoo Screen.

The art style seems like Venture Bros and I kinda dig the Us Vs. The Electric Company element to the show. A dystopian animated series could be good TV...um I mean MV(MobileVision). Well Tom Hanks is a pretty unproven actor but lets hope he makes a SPLASH and this game is a BIG hit and not CAST AWAY with the crap apps.

Check out a little bit about the two apps this Hanks guy is presenting to us. Lets hope they are great for those nights I'm SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE and doesn't really cost a MONEY PIT.  The first app is a free app to support the Electric City series and the second one is a 0.99 cent RPG. Hopefully they are both in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. Well check out the apps on BAM and leave a comment about what you think. I cant wait to see my inbox say YOU'VE GOT MAIL so I can check the feedback. In closing life is like Google Play, you never know what you will get. Make sure to use Best Apps Market so you get quality app recommendations

Electric City Mobile App
The app can be downloaded for free and offers several forms of original and exclusive content, including:
  •     20 Episodes: Watch all 20 original episodes as soon as they become available. Download Acts 1 – 3 individually or bundle the entire series. The first two episodes are available free, and others via in-app purchase.
  •     2 Comics: Two prequels that expand audiences’ knowledge of the founding of Electric City.
  •     Behind-The-Scenes Sneak Peaks: Get exclusive looks at behind-the-scenes action from the making of the series.
  •     Character Profiles: Learn more about the characters behind Electric City. Read the backstory and view photo galleries. 

Electric City The Revolt
Available for $0.99, the mobile RPG game allows players to step into the role of a key character from the series as he attempts to undermine the control of the Electric City and restore freedom to its people. Featuring high-end graphics, fast-paced action, and a rich storyline that will keep players hooked until the end, Electric City The Revolt was developed by the same team as hit mobile games for other popular entertainment IP such as Total Recall, Real Steel, Formula One and others.

The Story of Electric City
The world as we know it has ended, and out of the rubble, the Electric City stands as a symbol of peace and security. Yet under the veneer of order lies a world full of secrets and violence. Secret police, back-alley dealings, daring chases, and murder all find a home in the Electric City. Through the lens of a functioning yet dystopian metropolis, Electric City touches upon relevant global issues and themes including energy consumption, freedom of information, crime and punishment and more. The story unfolds gradually, layering mystery upon mystery, inviting viewers to interact with the content as well as each other. Metaphors and symbols are woven throughout, creating a perfect environment for puzzle-solving and community interaction. Like good science fiction, Electric City raises provocative questions about our own way of life and value systems. Short-form connecting storylines combined with vivid animation and a compelling score will keep audiences watching, while metaphors and a range of subject lines will keep them guessing—and reflecting.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Check Out Our Super New Super Side-Scrollers List

Today on the Best Apps Market app we launched a new top games category for our favorite side-scrolling styled games. After much deliberation on the name of the category, including such names as Gaming with a Side Of Scrolling and Side Scrollers-The Legend Continues, we settled on just calling it Super Side-Scrollers. Just in time for the sunny summer season check out the super side-scrollers game list for some spectacular fun.

Here is just a sampling of the sensational games in this list sure to make old school SNES fans salivate. The best part is that all these games are FREE to download on our BAM APP.

Spoing Lite
A totally unique trampoline-based platforming game. Diamonds are a Spoing's best friend. Spoing's colorful rainbow diamonds have been stolen! Now it's up to you to guide him through 50 underground caves to get them back. Build platforms using green gems to climb to high up places and throw yourself around in this elastic platform puzzler!

Project 83113
Project 83113 is an action-packed platformer title with intuitive swipe control and stunning graphics. Jump, slide, and blaze through mind-numbingly thrilling stages, as you take control over mankind’s last hope, Belle. Blast your way to the very core of Machine’s safe haven, Ground Zero, where the ultimate battle of Man vs. Machine takes place. 

Wind-up Knight

Wind-up Knight by Robot Invader is a high-end, action-packed, 3D side-scrolling adventure game, and it's here to show you how games are supposed to be played. Guide your Wind-up Knight through devilish levels--over 50 in all--to rescue the Princess from the clutches of the evil Black Knight. Run, jump, roll, and slash your way to victory. 

This is just a small sampling of the super awesome FREE games available for Android in our Gaming lists. Just click on the link below to check out our brand new SUPER SIDE-SCROLLERS List

Click for our Best Apps Market SUPER SIDE-SCROLLERS game list  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Top Spider-Man Apps On Android

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can! That includes being all over your mobile devices. With the launch of the new Amazing Spider-Man film comes great responsibility to try web slinging on your Android. Check out some of our top pics for Spider-Man apps on your Android.

1. The Amazing Spider-Man from Gameloft ($6.99)
At Best Apps Market we promote free apps, but this is game is so good it made our Best Paid Apps list. At $6.99 this game is a full Spider-Man experience on-par with any thing on a console. French mobile publisher and developer Gameloft has a couple of AAA titles slated for release this summer. Already having a great Ice Age and Men In Black game out on the market, Gameloft shows they can deliver a true super hero experience on a mobile device. Check out the trailer and see how good this game looks.

Download the Best Spider-Man game on Android from Best Apps Market.

2: Spider-Man live 3d wallpaper(FREE). If you don't have time for games cause you are busy fighting crime at least download this great Spider Man 3d Wall paper. It looks great and will fully show off how much you love the web-slinger.

3. The Official Marvel Comics App. (Free)
If you are a Spider-Man fan this is a must have app, nuff said. :) 

Remember kids with great power comes great responsibility.