Monday, August 20, 2012

Curiosity packs expensive content

Recently, 22Cans announced that Curiosity would be hitting iOS, Android, and PC this summer, on August 22.

If you don't know what Curiosity is, it's the first project that Peter Molyneux, designer of Fable and Black & White, has worked on since leaving behind Lionhead Studios and Microsoft.
Curiosity's not your conventional game, but an experiment of sorts. Peter Molyneux classes Curiosity as an experiment rather than a game. It is simply a black cube in a white room that you can chip away at. But the cube is made up of millions of smaller black cubes, all of which need to be removed to open up the cube and reveal what’s inside. In the center of the cube is some sort of fantastic reward that's only made available to the person who made the final chip in the cube. According to Molyneux, it's something that "is so valuable, and so life-changingly important."

Molyneux envisions gamers working together to reveal the contents of the box, but he knows some will want to get ahead. So two lots of DLC will be available to aid in your cube destruction. The first is a 99 cent iron chisel that will give you 10x the power to chip away at the blocks. The second is a diamond chisel, which increases your power 100,000x. Everyone playing Curiosity will want that diamond chisel, but hardly anyone can afford it as it will cost $77,000 and there will only be one available to purchase.  Check out this video of Peter Molyneux talking about the game.

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