Tuesday, August 7, 2012

GameKlip adds a real controller to Mobile gaming

 Currently one of my favorite games on Android is Dead Trigger, a great(and Free!) zombie  FPS.
I decided to stream the gameplay on game streaming site Twitch.TV

Watch BAM stream Dead Trigger on A Sony Xperia Ion

The stream went really well and I really love the game, however, one of the major issues that came up is that playing an FPS with touch screen controls is very hard. Well there may be an answer for this with the GameKlip

 The GameKlip may be a  solution to the Android gaming problem. The GameKlip is made out of strong ABS plastic and easily snaps onto your DualShock3 controller, providing a solid mounting platform for your Android phone. Each GameKlip is laser cut and thermoformed to the controller and phone.

I'm looking forward to using the GameKlip on my next foray into mobile game streaming. For More info go to  http://thegameklip.com/

Don't forget to download the great FPS Dead trigger from Best Apps Market and 
get the Twitch.TV app to check out great game streams.

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