Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Google Play Gift Cards

Google is finally starting to catch up with Apple. Ok maybe not, but at least they are attempting to make Google Play transactions easier. Today we see the release of a landing page that showcases the new Google Play gift cards.


One of the reasons that Apple has more traction when it come to Apps is that we are very familiar with the iTunes virtual currency and it's ability to purchase Apps. Google is trying to make Android as consumer friendly as iOS products and this is a step in the right direction. With the inclusion of Gamestop as a featured retailer it looks like this may be a way to really push Android gaming. Their are some amazing games that have been ported to Android but sales have not been that great due to what I believe is a not so user friendly purchasing process.

One case in point is Dead Trigger. Dead Trigger is a great FPS from Madfinger Games that uses the Unreal Engine, this game is great but suffered from intense pirating even though it was only 99 cents. If the process to purchase games was a little better maybe this game could have fared better. I believe with the crop of cheap and powerful tablets coming out in addition top notch game development, Android has a strong gaming future. This move by Google to create gift cards for their store and the fact they are targeting the gaming market through Gamestop will help the growth of Android gaming considerably. Check out this clip for Dead Trigger and you can see why I am excited about the future of Android gaming.

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