Friday, August 24, 2012

The Week In Review, August 18 - 24, 2012

Welcome to our Week In Review! Here we'll take a look at some of the great games and apps that embodied our theme this past week, and discuss what's to come in the week ahead. 

This week, we've been all about the Great Outdoors! As Summer draws to a close, it's important to get out outside and take advantage of the great weather. Unless, of course, you live in San Francisco as we do. However, no matter where you go, we've got apps and games that you'll enjoy while you're there!

If you're going hiking, you'll want to clothe yourself in the best gear possible. But how to find that stuff? With Gear of the Day Outdoor Deals, an app that helps you locate the best deals possible for a large number of online retailers. If, however, you've managed to sustain an injury regardless of what you're wearing, First Aid - American Red Cross will help you deal with your medical issues, at least until the rescue helicopter arrives. And finally, when you do finally have to go back inside, you can relive the beauty with RealDepth Forest Free Live Wallpaper, and let the serenity soothe your soul.

And if you're stuck inside and can't get out for some reason (grounded, chained to a radiator, what have you), then we've got you covered with free-roaming games like 3D City Runner, in which you run across the tops of busses to collect hamburgers. You know, the American Dream. For something a little more stylish, take on Foxy's Ride, a futuristic platformer that has you skating and hoverboarding your way across a neon-lit landscape. And finally, if you want to eschew the streets completely, High Flyin' Free lets you enjoy the thrills of virtual skydiving as you defy gravity for points!

What's coming up for Best Apps Market? Next week, it's the U.S. Open Championships, so tune in to us to supplement the tennis action! And don't forget to install our widgets to keep up with our daily Editor's Top AppsTop Games, and Apps of the Day! Have a great weekend! -- Keoni C.

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