Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Uber Vs The Cab Industry, Lyft App Launched For Android

Today at MobileAppCon 2012 the CEO of Uber Travis Kalanick spoke about how the UBER app has disrupted the cab industry. Travis went over the ups and downs of trying to change an industry that been the same since the 40's.  In fact since the late 40's NYC has pretty much had the same amount of taxi's even though population of NYC has skyrocketed. Uber comes in handy in places where cabs are hard to flag down on the street or it may even be dangerous to do so.. However, cities often have decades-old regulations regarding car services acting as taxis and many politicians have went after them sighting a concern about confusing riders or breaking rules.

 Uber has been a help to people in need of a ride and has helped several individuals become successful by running Uber cabs. However, in the immortal words of Peter Parker, "with great power comes great responsibility".  This has held true for Uber as they have had to fight litigation from the powers that be.
Check out an excerpt of Uber's Travis Kalancik excellent presentation from MobileAppCon 2012

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Uber is not the only team trying to disrupt the space long held by Cab companies, new comers Lyft just released their android version of there app that allows you to find personal drivers for you.

Lyft is a new on-demand ride service that's a fraction of the cost of a cab. Now available for Android, you can instantly request a pickup, and a safe, friendly driver will be there within minutes. Lyft selects awesome, trustworthy drivers from the community who swiftly get you to your destination (they’re background-checked AND personality-checked, too!). Lyft is currently available in San Francisco only.

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