Monday, September 10, 2012

The Game Genome Project Is Here!

Sept 10, 2012: At TechCrunch Disrupt SF, the Game Genome Project will showcase a new trait-based mobile game discovery tool. 

Instead of wasting time looking for games based on generic keywords or stale top lists, you can now search using a combination of traits such as  “3D Graphics + Play By Tilting + Fast Game Play + Sci-Fi Theme”. The results reveal a variety of games that are more tailored to what you actually want. With hundreds of traits and millions of combinations, the Game Genome Project makes game discovery faster and more personalized than any other method, including the Google Play Store.

The Game Genome Project launches this October on Best Apps Market (BAM) – one of the most respected and fastest-growing app recommendation tools on Android. In just 15 months, the app has reached 4.5 million installs and a 4.51 Star rating from more than 35,000 users. This, paired with the staggering growth of the Android market, makes BAM the perfect platform to showcase the power of the Game Genome Project.

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