Friday, September 14, 2012

Ubisoft Brings Prince Of Persia Classic to Android

The reason things are called classics is because they stand the test of time. Well if there is any example of this it is the Prince Of Persia series. Prince Of Persia has crossed over multiple platforms from old school to next gen, had a movie tie-in, and has been a success on every platform it has been on.

Well Ubisoft has released the original Prince Of Persia game for Android with some updated graphics and a ton of new features.

Prince of Persia Classic Features: 1) Multiple Game modes - Normal - Time Attack - Survival 2) Tips and tricks to beat the game 3) Revive - Don’t fear death! Use the Revive feature to instantly avoid it. 4) Butterfly Toggle On/Off - Follow the butterfly for assistance through the game, or find the way for yourself. 5) Customizable controls for comfort 6) High Definition graphics 7) Share with friends through Facebook and Mail 8) Leaderboards and Achievements via Papaya

The game costs $2.99 on Google Play but check out the free version to try it out first.
I love both the Prince Of Persia series and Ubisoft so this game is a must have for Android gamers.

Install Prince Of Persia Classic Free On BAM

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