Monday, October 1, 2012

Ninja Feet Of Fury is a Ninjatastic new game!

Who likes Ninjas? BAM does! Check out this brand spanking new ninja game from
ZyMo Entertainment.

Ninja Feet of Fury is ZyMo Entertainments first foray into the mobile market, having previously worked on downloadable console games such as Burgertime World Tour and Scary Girl.

With Ninja Feet of Fury they set out to create a runner game that hardcore gamers would love to play. Ninja Feet of Fury puts you in the roll of a new ninja who must dive, jump, swing, and run on walls to survive the final trial. Grades are given for each obstacle you successfully navigate, with rewards given for precise controls and fast reflexes.

If you are a fan of Temple Run, Ninjas, or just love playing mobile games check out Ninja Feet Of Fury.

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