Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Tribez now on Android

Game Insight, a world leader in mobile and social games, has announced that its smash-hit, free-to-play strategy game The Tribez, which was previously released for iPad and iPhone, is now available for Android devices.  The Tribez has already become a top-10 app in 26 countries and a top-10 grossing app in 40 countries--and now, this wildly successful and highly addictive strategy game is on its way to Google Play!

In The Tribez, players take the role of a hapless adventurer who is hurled backwards in time to arrive in a lush, prehistoric fantasy world, and is quickly appointed as chieftain by friendly, but primitive, tribes. The Tribez is a lighthearted game that offers gorgeous, colorful graphics, a full musical soundtrack, and 27 levels across numerous worlds to explore. In the game, players build up and protect their fledgling nation by enjoying a variety of different types of gameplay, including city-building strategy, resource harvesting, treasure hunting, and even timed challenges that require quick wits and even quicker reflexes to ward off attacks from angry savages.

As the game progresses, players will learn more about the lore of this strange new world, as well as about their role as prophesied saviors, from 10 unique and hilarious characters. They can also take full control of their villagers, who work tirelessly to build up players' wealth and prestige. Hands-on chieftains can actually reach directly into the world to pick up, and drop off, different villagers at key locations to ensure that the job gets done!

In addition to gathering crops, resources, and shiny gold coins for your coffers, these faithful subjects will construct more than 50 different types of buildings and help players complete more than 100 quests. Along the way, players will also unearth buried treasures, fight off incursions from angry barbarians, and even discover new life forms lurking deep inside dark, mysterious caves.

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