Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weezer Performance During Boxworks

Imagine the surprise on my face when I won tickets to BoxWorks, imagine the bigger surprise when I was able to attend a meet and greet with the band that played the after party. Weezer happens to be the favorite band of Box's CEO Aaron Levie. If you are not familer with Box or it's uber-young CEO here is a little rundown via Crunch Base.

Aaron Levie co-founded Box with friend and Box CFO Dylan Smith in 2005. The Box mission is to provide businesses and individuals with the simplest solution to share, access and manage their information. Aaron is the visionary behind Box’s product and platform strategy, which is focused on incorporating the best of traditional content management with an easy to use user experience suited to the way people collaborate and work today.

The current trend with companies that are successful today is to throw a conference to highlight their product and Box has followed suit. Boxworks was a smash hit and drew not only a large crowd but interesting speakers ranging from the CEO of EBay to the lead singer of 30 Seconds To Mars. Box is a company on the rise and the drive and ambition of the individuals and charge are sure to lead them to even bigger things. So BAM fans check out a little video from Weezer's performance at Boxworks and then install the Box Android App, I'm sure your productivity will improve. A special thank you go to Mark and Jade over at Box for providing a great Boxworks experience and showing that Box is a company that treat people well. Don't forget to follow Box on Twitter because their Social Media guy Mark is a good guy: @BoxHQ

Install The BOX Android App from BAM

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