Friday, November 2, 2012

Raved now integrated with GrubHub and OpenTable

Raved has now integrated with GrubHub and OpenTable to support their services within the Raved app for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices. Raved is a convenient way for consumers to discover, save and share great places to eat, drink, shop and get things done – all based on trusted recommendations from friends and TasteMakers they follow. Utilizing key features from GrubHub, the number one online and mobile food ordering service, and OpenTable, the leading online reservation system, Raved users can now instantly access food menus, order food or make reservations for their favorite restaurants, all in a simple display and from within a single app.

Raved combines a mobile-first approach with a unique friend-powered recommendation engine to let users:
  • Discover great places that friends and TasteMakers they trust recommend 
  • Save favorite places to get useful info and deals on the go
  • Share places they love so their friends can love them, too
Following the successful launch this past summer, Raved has now already accumulated over eight hundred thousand users and their friends and given them access to more than 9 million total “Raves” for nearly two million places and services they love.  
“Being able to access GrubHub within Raved means users will never be more than a few taps away from great food from their favorite restaurants,” said Steve Sanger, GrubHub’s vice president of business development. “Raved’s innovative use of social recommendations enhances the easy ordering process diners have come to expect from GrubHub.”
“Partnering with these great services was a natural evolution and a great fit for Raved,” said Henry Vogel, CEO of Raved. “With Raved, users are able to build their personal directory of favorite places. Being able to check menus, order meals or make reservations for your favorite restaurants helps make that personal directory even more valuable and furthers our mission to make Raved the one-stop solution for consumers to find, save and share great places so they can better explore their world.”

Raved provides an intuitive and highly visual interface built atop aggregated data from various social graphs, content sources and a database of almost 20 million U.S. merchants. Users don’t need to find or follow anyone to get started; Raved can automatically integrate 'friends' and their 'likes,' 'check-ins,' and more from users’ social networks like Facebook. Users can also discover great new places by browsing Raved 'PlaceLists' filled with recommendations from featured users, publishers and review sites. As users 'Rave' places, the app makes it easy for them to create and publish their own ‘PlaceLists’ of great places they want to explore, remember or share with friends.

Raved also pulls in lots of rich content about places like photos, addresses, store hours, posts to Facebook, special deals and offers, and links to other useful information and services. Plus, since one never knows when they'll find a memorable spot, Raved now helps make sure users have all the important information about those great places at their fingertips on their Android and iOS devices wherever and whenever they need it.

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